Are PR firms being used to stir-up trouble on Far Left blogs and news feeds?

Check on the comments feeds on many left-wing blogs and chances are you’ll find regular posters who come back again and again to troll the regular, genuine users.

Nothing particularly unusual about that. This is the internet, after all. And for some, trolling is a way of life.

But look at again at some of these individuals and then search for their names and you’ll find that some work for London based PR firms. One regular poster at The Canary by the name of Jimmy Sands, for instance, works for a company called Portland Communications.

So what? Jimmy’s a free citizen, and is entitled to write on any public forum in any way he chooses, provided he doesn’t break the law. So old Jimmy doesn’t like Mr Corbyn very much? So what? Big deal.

Well, it wouldn’t be a big deal, except that Portland Communications was founded by none other than Mr Tim Allan, former advisor to the New Labour government and a personal friend of Tony Blair.

Are the Labour Old Guard using PR firms to troll Corbyn’s online supporters?

I asked Portland Communication to comment on the above speculations, but they politely declined to make a statement.

Ho hum! Make your own minds up.


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